This campaign is about YOU. Representing YOU...Listening to YOU...and Working for YOU. Like YOU, I, too, want government to represent me. Make no mistake, we do not need more government. We need BETTER government! And while Monroe County has had fantastic representation in the past, the election in 2020 is about continuing great representation for the future. We need to think boldly, act courageously, and be smart in our decisions.

I will use my experience as a former Deputy Chief of Police, corporate Chief Operations Officer, small business owner, and elected Trustee to fight for YOU in Lansing.

I want to earn your vote and will work relentlessly to be your voice in Lansing! I am grateful for your support.

An update from TC:

How I plan to represent YOU!


Reduce Your Insurance Costs

  It is time to drive down the cost of insurance for Michigan families.  More choices creates competition and competition reduces costs.  


Roads & Infrastructure

Our roads and infrastructure are a problem.  We must continue to improve and focus on these as they directly affect our safety and impact our ability to be successful in attracting businesses to Michigan and Monroe County.   


Economic & Job Growth

 The needs of employers in Monroe County are changing and we must anticipate the demand by employers to have a ready and able workforce.  This allows for low unemployment and better skilled jobs.     


Investing in our Veterans

When a soldier is committed to a task, they cannot compromise or deviate from their mission.  And neither can we when it comes to taking care of our veterans.  


Preserving our Farms


Protecting our farms is good economic policy and it is critical to the health and safety of our nation.  I will be a voice for Michigan farmers.



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