Accomplishments as a Trustee:


Safety & Security

Successfully fought to maintain the Bedford contract with the Monroe County Sheriffs Office to ensure the best, most capable, well trained and affordable law enforcement for Bedford residents.

Economic Development

Worked as a collective board to re-ignite Economic Development efforts with the Monroe County Business Development Corporation in order that Bedford would be more attractive to businesses.

Continued Road and Infrastructure Improvements

Consistently improved roads in Bedford via new construction and maintenance.  Obtained almost $750,000 in grants for traffic and community improvements.

Fiscal Responsibility

Delivered a balanced budget every year while working to reduce expenditures and maximizing efficiencies.  We have saved the tax payers thousands a month by implementing energy efficient lighting and improved and coordinated maintenance efforts.

Brought Advance Life Support to Residents

Worked with our Fire Chief to bring about the development and implementation of an Advanced Life Support ambulance system now capable of providing incredibly enhanced and escalated care for residents in need.

Additional Law Enforcement

In cooperation with the Monroe County Sheriffs Office and the Bedford Public School Board, brought an additional School Resource Officer on board to increase security and education for our schools.


Wheeler Preserve

Added a new park and green space to Bedford by being the liaison to the Bedford Park Board with their addition of the Wheeler Preserve.

Skate Park Saved

Worked with the Parks Board to save the skate park as a resource for the youth in our community.  

Full Time Fire Fighters

In working with our Fire Chief and fellow board members we added four full time fire fighters to the ranks of our amazing volunteer/paid on-call fire department.

Employee Evaluation System

Instituted an employee evaluation system to better assist in the training and development of staff while documenting their work history and growth.

Water & Sewer Overhaul

Successfully implemented a necessary $20 million dollar overhaul to our water/sewer treatment facilities that will ensure good maintenance and longer life for the system in the coming years.  These improvements make the system more environmentally friendly and save tax payers thousands in increased efficiencies.

Imagine what we can get done in Lansing!